Our meat departments offer a wide variety of meats from beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sausages and more all at their freshest.

Premium Choice Angus Beef
It’s the Food Depot Difference
We carry Premium Choice Angus Beef as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

Our mouth watering meats make every meal absolutely perfect. You will only find quality USDA Choice meats in our meat depot department. We have our meat delivered on a daily basis, to bring you the freshest meat possible.

Stroll through the our meat depot department and choose from our Preferred USDA Choice Beef, IBP Pork, fresh pack Poultry, fresh ground beef and so much more. Check out our everyday low prices and weekly specials for real budget relief.

Delicious Fruits and Vegetables for Daily Nutrition

Food depot brings you the crispest, brightest, most nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables.
By working with local produce distributors we support our communities while providing you with the best fruits and vegetables grown close to home. Food depot carries a full selection of fresh fruits and vegetables including Dole, Sunkist and Bolthouse Farms fresh juices. Select mouth watering products at everyday low prices.

In our frozen department we carry a huge variety of frozen products including ice cream, pizzas, entrees, potatoes, and vegetables. So remember to shop the frozen depot department and select from our everyday low prices.

In our dairy department you will find quality milk, orange juice, butter, cream , ready to bake biscuits, pudding, cheese, tortillas and eggs. You can stock up on all your dairy essentials with our great low prices every day. Visit our dairy depot.

We offer an assortment of delicious baked breads and tempting sweet treats for all your bakery cravings. Satisfy your sweet tooth with, Hostess brand products, Archway Cookies, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Entenmanns Cakes, and Wonder Brand Bread, also specialty cakes, pies and cookies.

Food depot makes it easy to make economical food choices because we know what’s important to you:
• A large selection of your favorite national brands – priced right every day
• New items that give you the chance to try something different every time you shop
• Your favorite seasonal items – just when you want them – at very competitive prices
• Amazing variety – we carry a surprising number of items in categories you care about